Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, and thus these policy details indicate how the information collected will be used, stored, and disclosed. Therefore, as you share your personal information, you are certain that the information you give shall be secured and only used in relation to the purchase of the rifle. We understand the challenges that face the entire rifle department, so we strive to ensure that the industry is secure and only used towards supporting a good course. It outlines in details how your information will otherwise be treated. The information collected by us from you is primarily for rifle related services. By providing us with your personal information, you agree to this privacy policy that outlines how your information will be handled by us. If you do not agree with any part of this privacy policy, you must not provide us with your personal information.

When you are in need of a rifle scope, the Company demands that you share your personal information as a way of verification. The information you share is, therefore accorded a lot of security, and it is only shared with relevant authorities with your directive. In other words, although we are strictly required to submit when the person/information at hand is questionable, giving customers top priority prior to sharing their details with other boardie’s. Therefore when placing your order, you are guaranteed that the collected information will not be shared with any other persons unless you authorize.

On the other hand, the information collected is only that which is necessary for us to provide you with your request. The information collected will vary from customer to customer because it depends on the type of services required and the individual circumstances in play. Therefore, there are customers who will be requested fill in larger questioners while there are others who will fill in smaller ones. It also depends on customer accuracy when it comes to answering particular questions and how long it takes for the customer to respond. For instance, if you are used to people calling you with your first name, then you are expected to respond much faster when called with the first name in the questioner as it is expected to directly relate to you.

The personal information collected by us from you will primarily be used to provide you with hunting scope related services including the hearing or purchase of different hunting binoculars and rifle scopes as well as any functions needed, response related to hunting services you requested and to provide you with any promotional or marketing products that may interest you.

The following circumstances may prompt us to disclose your personal information to third parties: as required by law in the case where unlawful activities have been done and to provide the binoculars service providers so you can be provided with the services you have requested. The information we have collected from you will be stored to make future business operations easier. This information, therefore, will be accessible by our authorized employees who have the responsibility of ensuring the information is accurate, relevant, and up to date and complete. Some of the information collected includes and not limited to: Name, Phone number, Email, Address, Age, Sexuality, Male, Religious beliefs, Marital status, Nationality, and Race. With such information, it becomes easy for the Company to Company to learn more about a particular client on behalf of its safety and that of other users.

Additionally, depending on your own free will, you can also choose to share with us other crucial information as phone data. This, therefore, makes it easy for users to track down so other activities that you might be involved in and are crucial for our team. This also guarantees that in case something out of the ordinary happens. There is also a possibility that when you share essential details, you should permit the Company to obtain other details as contact list, photos, and messages, among other details.

The Importance of Privacy Policy

Naturally, humans desire for privacy both in their private and social life. However, the concept of passing privacy into human rights in the modern lifestyle is quite a phenomenon. Therefore, there are measures implemented around the world to ensure there is exceptional protection of the data/ personal information that you share.

The Company is therefore required to publish the privacy policy on their official webpage to keep their customers aware of the policy. Therefore, it will be easy for one to share any sensitive information knowing exactly how that information will be handled from the first time all the way to storage. Publishing privacy policy serves as a way of having an agreement between the Company and its customers. However, some other reasons as to why this information should be published include: it is a requirement by third party services, Increases Company’s transparency, and it is a requirement by law.

With such information, you give your users an ideal opportunity to relate more and even feel free as they connect to your Company. When people are aware of what you do with their information, sharing the same becomes easy as they have a basic understanding of what to expect. Also, when a user is aware of who their data will be shared to, it becomes quite easy for them to make necessary decisions based on what to share and how often.

Unlike other webpage information, any company that uses privacy policy is expected to put the policy open and easy to access by all uses with limited official assistance. This gives the customer sufficient time to read the policy over and over before proceeding to the company operations or even transacting any relevant deals with the Company. Putting the privacy policy open also indicates that whenever a person proceeds to transact any farther businesses, they are doing it willingly without any violation of human rights. Therefore, your Company will be protected by law in case a particular customer wants to back down or even refuse to share relevant information as stipulated in your policy agreement.

What Is The Difference Between Service Terms And Privacy Policy?

Private policy and service terms are often used interchangeably, but that should not verify that the two are the same. The two relates and communicates to the user directly, but the type of information that they pass is extremely different hence making the tow of them essential company requirements.  Privacy policy focuses more on the information collected and how it will be used while services terms state what visitors should agree to before using the website. Therefore, when you visit a particular website, understanding the difference between the two will either keep you safe from fraud or drive you directly into it.

It is, therefore, recommended that before you commit to undertaking any transactions, especially with companies that will require your credentials to always have a lawyer handling such legal matters. This will help minimize the risks of sharing critical information with the wrong people and also keep you safe for future business operations. Additionally, with a person who understands the difference, it becomes easy for you to make essential decisions without being twisted in between. With privacy policy, there should be relevant laws that are only applicable in the field rifles and the company location.