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Best Rifle Scope for Elk Hunting in 2024

Does Elk Hunting excite you? Are you looking out for the top-quality scopes capable of enhancing productivity in your Elk Hunting trip? Well, this is possibly the end of your quest. Here, you can get the selected range of Best Rifle scope for Elk Hunting.

Elk Hunting is an exciting activity that most people love to involve in. But what if you miss your target or return with empty hands? No, you don’t need to think about these consequences because you are about to get the best solution for your requirements. 

We have crafted a guide with the top-rated riflescopes after broad research and personal experiences. You will surely find the most suitable elk hunting scopes by the end of this guide. So, let’s dive in!

TOP 3 Rifle Scope for Elk Hunting

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II

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Accuracy and build quality are the two major deciding factors for an Elk Hunting Riflescope. This Crossfire II one-inch tube Riflescope from Vortex Optics leads in both these factors with flying colors. Besides, it comes with tons of customizable options to adjust clarity and magnification.

Dead-Hold BDC reticle in this riflescope enables variable ranges whenever you have trouble with holdover. So, you won’t need to worry about any inconvenience in Elk Hunting with this scope on your rifle. 

Magnification capabilities complemented with 4-12 adjustments provide high clarity views of the elks. Thus, it is quite comfortable for the hunters to approach the elks from a long distance.

Long eye relief and parallax adjustment features become a cherry on top of such compelling features. However, all those adjustments are quite easy with MOA clicks on Capped reset turrets.

When it comes to durability, a single-piece tube with aircraft-grade aluminum delivers strong performance at ease. Moreover, it is shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof as well. Thus, it will last longer on your rifle for hundreds of Elk Hunting trips.

Dead-Hold BDC Reticle
Adjustable objective
Long eye relief
Finger adjustable capped reset turrets
Fast focus eyepiece
Fully multi-coated lenses for a bright image
High-powered rifles can cause scratches, but it pretty durable

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2. Leupold VX-3i 3.5x10x40mm Rifle Scope

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Leupold packs in almost every essential feature a professional elk hunter would want. This Riflescope comes with an impressive build quality being lightweight and rugged at the same time. Besides, it delivers an unparalleled low-light performance which is crucial for elk hunting.

Twilight Max Light Management System in this Riflescope is one of the most compelling features. You can see a crisp, bright, and clear target image with this scope on your rifle, thus providing you with an extra 20 minutes.

On top of this, the Custom Dial System infused in this Riflescope simplifies the longer shots at ease. So, you won’t need any ballistic calculation or holdovers to take on the target.

Edge-to-edge image quality complemented with CDS makes a great combo when it comes to professional-grade hunting. Diamond Coat 2-ion assist lens is also a great addition for higher light transmission.

When it is about elk hunting on terrains, one probably needs some appreciable durability in the scope. Leupold brings in the top-end abrasion resistance in this Riflescope. Besides, it is weatherproof and fog proof as well, which makes it the best rifle scope for elk hunting on terrains.

Precision ¼ MOA finger click adjustments
Twilight Max Light Management System
Diamond Coat 2 –Ion assist lens coating
Custom dial system
Edge to edge image quality
Glass could be better, but these lenses are brighter

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3. Nightforce SHV 4-14x50mm Hunting Scope

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This well-loved scope is ideal for someone who really wants to invest in their setup. One of the most interesting features of this scope is the ‘ZeroSet’ feature, where users can easily run their elevation setting back to the zero-setting after having to adjust for a long-distance shot (over 1000 yards). It functions as a knob that you can easily dial your elevation adjustment up and down, then easily dial it back to the zero setting when you’re ready. 

As a first-focal plane scope, your reticle should adjust when you zoom in, making precision shots at longer distances easier to achieve. The magnification range is a little high for a hunting scope, which is offset by some of the other features. The eye relief is slightly less than optimal, as well. 

This Nightforce rifle scope uses a 30mm main tube, which gives the user a pretty good adjustment range, depending on which reticle you choose. It uses a 50mm objective lens to ensure good performance at dawn and dusk lighting conditions. 

Nightforce boasts a proprietary multi-coating process for their lenses that is tested per Mul-Spec for resistance to abrasion and tubes that are machined from solid bar stock rather than formed or extruded. Elevation screws are also custom-machined parts, boasting 110 threads per inch. These scopes are made by hand. I’m surprised the price isn’t higher, honestly.

ZeroSet elevation adjustment feature
Multiple reticle options available
Capped windage adjustments
Broadband Multi-coating on lenses
Machined aircraft-grade aircraft-grade aluminum
Higher cost for greater quality

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Factors to consider when choosing the best scope for Elk Hunting

Even top-rated products reign in a specific category, which is why one should select a product based on the requirements. But, when it comes to a technical category like Elk Hunting Riflescope, things get pretty confusing. Tons of options followed by similar claims from the manufacturers create confusion among buyers. Well, here is the solution!

There are some essential factors by considering which one can easily choose the best Elk Hunting Scope. Some of these common yet crucial factors include

  • Visibility: – Like any other riflescope, elk hunting requires the best visibility. If you are unable to focus on your target, hunting can be disastrous. So, checking the visibility is the topmost factor one should consider. 

Features like magnification capabilities, brightness, and illumination capabilities are essential when it comes to the best visibility. Adjustable magnification and customizable IR levels are the best-in-class options that modern scopes offer. Elk is a big animal, and you probably don’t want to get closer to them. Thus, smooth magnification adjustment is crucial.

  • Hunting Range: – After Visibility, you should ensure that the chosen riflescope has the longest range possible. Earlier, there were scopes with both short-range and long-range, but modern rifle scopes come with variable ranges. Thus, it is always better to go for the product having more customization and variable hunting ranges.
  • Durability: – Most of the rifle scopes are made from aircraft-grade materials. But, you may come across the options of having polycarbonate build. Remember that you have to go along the forests and terrains while hunting an Elks. 

Such a cheap build can easily scratch your scope or may lead to expensive repairs. External factors and adverse weather conditions are unpredictable; thus, you should always prefer high durable scopes.

  • Shockproof: – The shock produced as a result of a shot can be fatal for your face or eyes. Thus, make sure to prefer a shockproof scope. 
  • Protections: – Different scopes come with different protection to make the scope working across adverse conditions. But waterproof and weatherproof features are what you should look out for. For instance, a scope with abrasion resistance, weather, and waterproof is the best choice.
  • Turret Adjustments: – A shooter often needs to adjust the range, magnification, and brightness of a rifle scope. This is possible only when you have a feasible ring or dial. MOA finger click adjustments lead in this aspect with tactical feedback.

Price: – One should never compromise on the price of a scope unless it is about a great difference in the quality. Typically scopes over $1000 will be higher quality. Two of the options above a less than $300 (check current prices, because that can change), which should leave you with plenty of options.

Happy Hunting

Elk Hunting becomes more of an enjoyable hobby if you have the best riflescope dedicated to it. By now, you surely have got the rifle scope that meets your requirements. But, you should make sure to go through the essential factors that decide whether it is for you. The above-mentioned products are packed with all the crucial features that make them ahead of the competition.

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