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Nature is gifted with vast diversity. People all across the globe are striving to see this alchemy of nature. And optics, in a way light, has to be there for you to experience this beauty. The right amount of light can make experiencing nature a lively endeavor.

From kids to youngsters to adults, everyone is joining the community of bird watching, horse-riding, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, and hunting. These hobbies can provide learning differently.

Have you ever wondered how many species of birds exist on this planet? Did you ever give a thought about how the lifestyle of animals would be? Have you ever thought about all the possible situations you might get into while hunting?

Well, the above questions are for people who are into birding, wildlife viewing, hunting, horse riding, and many other similar activities. But to enjoy these activities to the fullest, you need the help of technology.

You have to have a camera for getting pictures of animals. A binocular is required for viewing birds. The scope has to be mounted on the gun to have your hunting game on point. There are variants of the devices mentioned above so that your hobbies are not at stake even in the sun light’s absence.

These devices are tricky to pick. And there are chances of falling for the wrong one too. A variety of factors have to be considered before making the appropriate choice. So, Optics School provides reviews of devices like binoculars, scopes, and many more. We also highlight the pros and cons; thus, you exactly know what suits you the best.

Our Goal

People are into wildlife photography, hunting, and birding professionally. And many people aspire daily to get into these professions. To do full justice to their job, they must have the right technology. Individuals who are passionate about these professions have to keep their technical knowledge up to date.

At Optics School, we are a team of tech-savvy, wildlife photographers, birders, and other similar professionals. The individuals mentioned above are experienced in their concerned domain in all the aspects. Our blog accumulates information about binoculars, scopes, rangefinders, etc. This information works as a complete guide for buyers. Our main goal is the purchasers should get the right product according to their need.

As the name Optics School suggests, we are a School of light. We strive hard to glorify all the necessary factors (both good and bad) of a gadget you might be interested in buying.

We, as a team,  work as a helping community for purchasers. The tech-savvy here go through every gadget themselves before coming to any conclusion. The hunting professionals in our group use the scopes, and then we write content according to their experience. The birders review the binoculars depending on the experience of their adventure of bird watching. We seek inspiration from all the nature lovers out there, and the right gadgets encourage them to love nature more every day.

Our Story

The story began in Jake’s neighborhood. One of Jake’s neighbors was about to go on a wildlife viewing trip and had to buy a camera. So he asked Jake’s opinion. Jake started looking for some of the options available and feasible.

Eventually, he suggested one camera to his neighbor, and he bought it. After a few days, the neighbor complained about some issues with the camera.

This incident was like an alarm for Jake. He realized that there could be so many other people around who would be facing the same issues before and after buying any technical gadget.

Everyone will not have some Jake in his/her neighborhood to ask for an opinion. Some people could also be absolute beginners for buying this technical stuff and would fail to consider some significant factors before any gadget.

Jake discussed this idea with his friend David. Both seemed to have the same opinion on this and decided to do something for a cause. They shortlisted some products like Binoculars, Birding Binoculars, Monoculars, Rangefinders, Riflescopes, and many others.

They started a blog named Optics School and compiled every detail of every product possible. This information includes a detailed description of the gadget’s build, the use, the pros, and the cons.

This blog intends to offer honest reviews about gadgets and help purchasers to get the right one.

Smart Recommendations

Our team comprises technical experts, professional hunters, wildlife photographers who work for the right gadget recommendations.

Our recommendations will give you a complete overview of the desired product. Our information will guide you in multiple aspects which a product instruction book fails to do.  

We provide detailed facts about the product, starting from its packaging to its maintenance. 

You proceed with your choice; you know all the necessary details about the product you are investing in and the reasons behind the purchase.

Our experts will provide a complete guide that highlights the pros, the cons, the using strategy, and the maintenance of the product. Our document will also highlight what problems you might face while using a gadget and mention how to deal with them.

Product Testing

All the products mentioned in our blog have to undergo a series of testing phases.

The experts in our team use the product themselves and then comment on the necessary aspects. Every product is tested to its complete capacity, and big promises by manufacturers need big proof.

Our strategy is to ask people who are absolute beginners to experts for reviewing our product. Our reviews from people at different levels of skill and knowledge help to provide more well-rounded insight about each respective product. The process helps to draw a more common conclusion about the concerned product.

iron sights on rifle target shooting

Complete Transparency

We follow a strict policy of mentioning every little detail about the product.

Our blog mentions the attractive qualities of the product and the problems and inconveniences you might face. 

The motto is for the purchaser to make the right choice. And this is possible only when the buyer knows every ounce of detail about the product. So readers can expect honest and complete facts from us to have quality time with nature.

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